At Bloom, our dedicated team is committed to transforming the lives of children placed in foster care. Each staff member brings a wealth of experience and expertise and is committed to our culture of excellence. Our collaborative and compassionate approach to our work ensures that we provide the highest quality of support and services to Georgia’s families.

Bloom Administration

“Every child deserves a chance to dream, to feel valued and to have a sense of belonging. Our work at Bloom is not just about meeting basic needs; it’s about instilling a sense of hope and empowering children to overcome challenges and reach their fullest potential….so they can bloom!” 

becky davenport

President & CEO
“I feel extremely lucky to work alongside people who love Bloom and love what they do.” 

Nancy Connerat

Director of Finance & Administration
“Children in need are the center of everything we do. Seeing how excited they are to come here and shop at our Bloom Closet makes my heart melt.”

Gosha Schulteis

Administrative Assistant
“I value The opportunity to positively impact the life of a child every day.”

Mike Tyre

Chief Marketing Officer


“I absolutely love working at Bloom because it allows me to engage with community members and share our mission with them. I love creating personalized and innovative ways for individuals, businesses, and groups to impact the lives of children experiencing foster care in our state.”

Stephanie KING, MPA

Director of Development
“Every child needs a champion—someone to love them unconditionally, provide stability during the storms of life, and encourage them to write their own success story against all odds. Through Bloom, these life-saving, personal connections become a reality for foster children when they need it most.”

Kristin Melton

Grants Manager
“As someone who is passionate about helping children, I want to do my part to make a positive impact and help foster children feel valued.”

Cristie Wilt

Marketing Coordinator
“I love working for Bloom because I believe every child deserves stability, support, and the opportunity to thrive; especially as they navigate difficult and vulnerable moments.”

Sydney Phillips

Development Coordinator

Foster care & Prevention

“I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of fighting to protect the least amongst us. Children are hurting in our state, and if not us, then who? If not now, then when? This fight is the passion that engulfs my heart.”

Pamella Talley, MPA

Director of Foster Care & Prevention Services
“I am passionate about being a part of the Bloom team because I love that we wrap our foster homes in every type of support we can. We not only look to provide therapeutic training to our homes, but we also help them build a community of support through events and support groups, and provide them with tangible needs through The Bloom Closet.“

Meagan Bella, MSW

Recruitment and Licensing Manager
“I am passionate about being part of Bloom because I believe in the vision that every child has a safe, nurturing family. I also love helping and working with our youth.”

Kevin Burley, MS

Foster Care Program Manager, Rome
“I am passionate about Bloom because we help children heal and feel loved.”

Stephanie Hawkins, MSW

Family Consultant Supervisor
“I am passionate about having a positive effect on the children and families we serve.”

Denise Johnson, MPA

Family Resource Center Program Manager
“I am passionate about working for an organization that prioritizes the needs and well-being of each child above all else.”

Katie New, EdD, LMSW, RN

Bloom University Clinical Director

Bloom Closet

“I’m passionate about being at Bloom because every child deserves a chance to feel loved and supported.”

Gina Licwinko

Director of Operations
“I am passionate about Bloom because of the profound difference we can make in the lives of children in foster care. Witnessing the happiness on their faces as they experience shopping with us is incredibly rewarding and fills me with joy.”

Brittany Anderson

Volunteer Coordinator
“I am passionate about making connections with the children that we serve, by making them feel seen and valued.”

Matison McDaniel

Bloom Express Coordinator
“I feel so fortunate to be able to offer empathy and love to each foster family that visits The Bloom Closet.”

Emily Rowland

Bloom Closet Program Manager
“Bloom allows me the opportunity to serve with and offer dignity to children who are often at the margins. What a joy!”

Devon Smyth, MACP

Program Coordinator, Rome
“At the end of the day, what matters most to every employee at Bloom is the children. The children will always come first.”

Lauren Wyatt

Community Engagement Specialist