When children enter foster care, many arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. The Bloom Closet helps fill that gap by providing foster children with free clothing, books, toys, and school supplies. This program helps support at-risk birth families and foster families so they can better serve the children in their care.

“The entire shopping experience, from the enthusiastic staff to the whimsical decor and high-quality items, sparks joy and helps restore dignity within each child.”

– Bloom closet Shopper

Make your Bloom Closet appointment!

Call 770-461-7020 to make an appointment for your quarterly visit to the Bloom Closet and we’ll be prepared to provide a personalized shopping experience for your foster child!

Bloom Closet Express

Bloom Closet Express is a custom-designed truck that transforms into a pop-up boutique version of Bloom Closet wherever it goes! Bloom Closet Express brings the gift of confidence to foster children all over Georgia, with clothes, school supplies, toys and a whole lot more all in a rolling trendy boutique.

Our boutique on wheels brings supplies, confidence, and a very clear message of “You are important!” to kids all around the state.

Bloom Direct

Bloom Direct is an innovative, direct-to-recipient shipping model that will allow Bloom to reach more children and more families who may not otherwise have access to The Bloom Closet. Through the Bloom Direct program, each child will receive a specially curated Bloom Box delivered to their front door, filled with all of their favorite clothing and other essential items. This simple act will help a child feel more at ease and loved during a scary and uncertain time. In order to ensure the success of this program, we need your help! To learn more about our Bloom Direct program, click on the video below.

Please consider a monthly contribution of just $39, which will help shape the future of Bloom Direct and, most importantly, transform a child’s life.