Most high school boys are busy playing sports or too involved in school to have the time or capacity to raise funds for foster children in need. But McIntosh High School student and Bloom volunteer Krish Sarin made it a priority to find the time to make a difference in his community.

Krish has volunteered for various organizations since middle school and got involved at Bloom through his high school. Last summer, Krish decided to make toiletry kits for the foster children served through Bloom. He realized that the hygiene of a foster child could be overlooked and wanted to ensure they had access to essential items to help them feel their best.

Krish worked as a tennis camp coach in the summer of 2023, in addition to volunteering at Bloom, and donated a portion of his own money to purchase items needed for toiletry kits. But Krish’s dedication to helping foster children did not stop there. In November, he decided to get his fellow classmates involved, and together, they assembled a little over a hundred toiletry kits.

“Krish has gone above and beyond as a volunteer for Bloom,” said Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Anderson. “What’s truly remarkable is that he has exceeded the required volunteer hours needed for school and is doing this out of his own willingness to want to help. We hope that others will feel inspired to do the same.”

In February, Krish collaborated with the Your Pie Peachtree City location to organize a fundraising event. All the proceeds generated from the event were donated to Bloom for toiletry kits. Krish also arranged for the McIntosh Key Club to work on a toiletry collection drive over the next several months to help contribute to items needed for the kits.

“My goal is to have about a thousand toiletry kits put together by the end of this year,” said Krish Sarin. “I feel it’s important to inspire our community to work with me and put in as much effort as possible to help as many foster children as possible.”

To make a monetary donation, to donate toiletry items, or to volunteer to assemble kits, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Brittany Anderson at

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