There are many wonderful elements of the world of foster parenting, and one is the fact that foster parents choose to enter this role for a variety of different reasons. People will be spurred toward becoming a foster parent by several different motivations, and these allow many children who otherwise wouldn’t receive a loving, supporting environment to get the care they need. 

At Bloom Our Youth, we’re proud to assist Atlanta clients with all the steps on how to become a foster parent, no matter what your reasons for going down this path. What are some of the top reasons why many of the people we work with have decided to become foster parents? Here are some of the most common, which we hope will inspire even greater numbers to go this route! 

Already Had Children, But They’re Grown Up

In many cases, one of the most common groups of people who choose to become foster parents are those who already had children, but their own kids have grown up and left the home. If this has happened to you, becoming a foster parent can mean you get to continue caring for children in need of families, even if it isn’t your own. 

This setup is often perfect for both new foster parents and foster children alike. Parents will already have experience with many of the basic elements that go into raising a child, and the child can benefit from having a loving family. 

Cannot Have Children, But Want to Provide Love

In other cases, individuals or couples may have been unable to have their own children, but still want to provide a loving home. Many of these couples will turn to foster parenting, which can give them an opportunity to both raise and love a child who needs it the most.

If you’re in this position, it’s important to think about all your options for becoming a foster parent, and to choose the right program for you. We can help walk you through all these decisions and show you how to get started on the process of becoming a foster parent. 

Experience Working With Children

In some other situations, people who have spent some chunk of their lives working with children in some capacity may decide to become foster parents. These can be teachers, social workers, or other related professionals—for them, the idea of being able to provide direct care and love for a child is an ideal situation. 

For these people and their families, the decision to become a foster parent isn’t just about fulfilling a dream—it’s also making use of the experience they already have. 

Enjoy a Challenge

Another common motivation is the desire to take on a challenge. Being a foster parent can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s not without its challenges. If you have a passion for helping people, especially children, and want to take on something difficult, being a foster parent may be right for you. 

For many, the challenges that come with foster parenting double as rewards. People who take this route often find the most satisfaction in knowing that they’ve helped a child from a difficult background to find stability and security, which is something no amount of money can buy. 

Looking to Make a Positive Community Impact

For others, the real draw of foster parenting is the positive impact to the community. By taking in a foster child, you are not only providing them with love and security, but also giving back to society and improving the lives of others. 

At Bloom Our Youth, we’ve seen first-hand how much of an impact one person can have on their local community through fostering a child. We can help you take the first steps in starting this journey, and provide guidance and support throughout your foster parenting experience. 

Benefits to Biological Children

Still others will decide to become foster parents for the benefit of their own biological children. Not only does fostering provide a chance for your child to develop empathy, understanding and an appreciation for differences, but it also teaches them other invaluable skills such as responsibility and kindness. 

For instance, if you have an only child, fostering a new baby or toddler can give them the experience of learning to care for another, as well as the chance to practice being an older sibling. 

No matter what your reasons for becoming a foster parent may be, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience that you won’t soon forget. If you’re considering fostering, Bloom Our Youth can provide all the help and support you need to make sure this transition is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how you can start your own foster parenting journey! 

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