The Bloom Closet Express has been busy over the past several months—delivering free clothing, shoes, and more to foster children across Georgia. The mobile boutique recently served children in Brunswick and Covington, Georgia.

In November, the Bloom Closet Express traveled to Brunswick to visit two group homes:
Safe Harbor Children’s Center and Morningstar. Over 50 children visited the Bloom Closet Express and received a week’s worth of clothing, shoes, socks and underwear, toiletries, backpacks, toys, and school supplies. A total of 1,334 items were given to foster children in need.

In December, children in Covington received similar items at a Christmas pop-up event. The Bloom Closet Express gave away more than 680 items to approximately 50 children. This event was held at a local high school, which is an excellent example of a partner location for the Bloom Express.

“Although the Bloom Closet is located in Fayette County, the majority of foster children served through the program reside outside the area,” said Gina Licwinko, director of operations for the Bloom Closet. “The Bloom Closet Express enables us to break down geographic barriers faced by foster youth and foster families and improve the well-being of all foster children in Georgia.”

The Bloom Closet Express plans to visit children in Douglas County on February 17. The goal is to increase the number of areas and foster children served through the Bloom Closet Express each year by partnering with organizations such as group homes and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services that can benefit from our support. Inventory for the Bloom Closet Express is made possible by generous in-kind and monetary donations from our donors.

For more information on how to support the Bloom Closet Express, contact Matison McDaniel at 770-460-6652, ext. 128, or

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