Corporate support plays a significant role in Bloom’s success. That’s why we work closely with businesses and companies across Georgia to build strong, long-lasting relationships with both the organization and its employees. This approach ultimately helps us to further our mission. We would like to highlight one company in particular that has not only been an incredible partner over the years but has recently become more involved at Bloom.

Georgia Power not only provides financial aid through grants and sponsorships, but their employees volunteer their time at Bloom. In addition, Bloom is fortunate to have a representative from Georgia Power, Eric Arnold, join the board this year.

“Having Eric on the board has been instrumental in strengthening our partnership with Georgia Power,” said Bloom CEO Becky Davenport. “We are grateful to Georgia Power for supporting Bloom in so many ways. They are an excellent example of the kind of collaboration we hope to have with all our corporate partners.”

Georgia Power’s commitment goes beyond financial and board support. They recently volunteered to help at Bloom’s new warehouse located at 150 Huddleston Road. Additionally, they have hosted collection drives to provide clothing and essentials for the Bloom Closet.

“Engagement at the board level embodies the profound commitment to service and stewardship that we hold dear at Georgia Power,” said Board Member Eric Arnold. “This partnership reflects our core values of integrity, trust, and respect for the dignity of every individual. I’m delighted to work for a company that leverages every opportunity to lead by example and to show that when we bring our values to life, we can make a profound difference in the world, one child at a time.”

If you’re interested in getting your business involved with Bloom, please contact Development Director Stephanie King at 770.460.6652 x 312 or

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